Negative Thinking: Are we naturally wired to fear?

by Marteka Swaby May 29, 2016




Some people search desperately for how to master anxiety and overcome fear. Suffering for years with nightmares, panic attacks and just a queasy feeling that hits your guts and won’t easily go away.
No matter what technique you try to use, what medication you take, what therapist you go to. Fear and anxiety are always teaming up to kick your butt and whatever you find to help never really seems to work.
Some experts give the explanation for this repetitive cycle that helped man survive the caveman years, as the old ‘fight or flight’ instinct, which still exists in the brain and is overactive in some.
The Physiology of Fear
The hormones involved in fear such as adrenalin and cortisol can make a person feel as if their phobias are far from their control, but this is not so. It is the physiological aspect of fear that makes it possible for such treatments as medication for anxiety and depression to even exist.
While many consider fear to be simply an emotion. It actually originates, manifests and can be controlled within the body’s physiological system, oddly enough this spot in the brain is one known to be linked to the memory and the part of the brain that specifically controls worry.
The issue is fear remains undercover as you go through daily life. Before the trigger appears there are thoughts continually running through our minds, whether you are aware of them or not, and they leave you subject to attacks of fear.
Putting the Power Back Into Your Capable Hands
What needs to be realised is that this problem does not just start when fear presents its ugly head. While it may seem that overcoming fear or phobias is near to impossible, if worry is linked to the memory then surely something can be done.
The thoughts that provoke reactions of fear have often started long before we actually experience the symptoms of fear. Although panic attacks and other physical manifestations of fear can be dreadful to experience, many people do not want to rely on medication for treatment.
Instead of solely treating the physiological aspect of fear. More and more people are looking for holistic routes because they want to avoid any negative effects on their physical health.
The key is identifying these negative thoughts and counteracting them with the truth, cancelling them out. This empowers you not to believe these automated thoughts. Just like a postbox instead of allowing every negative thought to be posted. Start declining that mail! Only allow the posts you want to consider.
Changing your thinking chips away at fear and anxiety little by little, until one day you realise the trigger went off and there were no results. Not FEAR!
How It Can Be Done?
Changing your thoughts can have a physical impact on the brain, setting you in a place where your goal to eliminate fear becomes more easily attainable. By trying to turn around negative thinking, you train yourself to become more aware of what you are thinking.
Imagine what life would be like with fewer fears, reduced anxiety or panic attacks and not being dependent on medication such as anti depressants or other drugs perceived to alleviate negative feelings. While it takes a lot of mental training to identify harmful thoughts, simply focusing on treating negative thoughts can do a lot of good.
Just like you learn new information and this strengthens the memory center in your brain, you can master changing your negative thoughts too. DOWNLOAD my FREE e-book taking your first 3 steps towards freedom

Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby