Increasing Productivity: 3 Keys To Transform Your Team & Thrive

by Marteka Swaby January 18, 2018

Digital Transformation

Increasing Productivity: 3 Keys To Transform Any Team To THRIVE

Digital technology is both a great help and a hinderance across organisations to increase productivity. Instead of people we often see metrics, emails, ID numbers, avatars or even screen names which help us to become more efficient but start to make human concepts lose their meaning and create more distance.

In the era of robots, machine learning, AI and automation we need smart leaders to run companies, manage systems and lead people. Regardless, of the advances in technology or how sophisticated an algorithm is. There is still no algorithm for a successful relationship between people.

The scale at which we operate today is becoming too big for us to effectively work together and create an environment of trust. Digital transformation is changing the culture of every organisation. What is acceptable across your organisation will vary depending on the culture of the organisation and attracting the right people.

Technology will never be able to care about us, this is a very human experience and trust will only ever exist amongst people. It is leaders that set the tone of an organisation and communicate to employees about acceptable and non acceptable behaviour that will enable teams to thrive or survive in this digital era. 


3 Keys To Transform Your Team & Thrive

Increasing the resilience of leaders will support employees to manage through struggles, to be intentional and proactive about attracting the right people and work effectively together despite increased competition and digital transformation.

Utilising the 3P's will encourage teams to thrive and not just to survive;

  1. Purpose; 8 out of 10 people are disengaged in their roles and 76% of these people will not do anything about it. Understanding why you do what you do and being aligned to your values means not just taking a job for the money or perks but aligning to a job with purpose. Who you are and what do you love to do?
  2. Proclivities: Most organisations look at how effective people are on paper and select people based on skills or experience, but to drive outputs, results are better defined through our 'natural inclinations' or proclivities, rather than skills or ability. Building strength based teams, focused on these natural inclinations allows everyone to THRIVE and will help you to select the right people to compliment your team
  3. Productivity; If you follow 1 & 2 then productivity naturally increases, as when we operate from our strengths we are naturally more inclined to thrive at work. However, when you love what you do the temptation is to work 24/7. Rest is important and as leaders we must encourage our teams to take breaks. If operating in a toxic culture where taking time off is perceived as a lack of commitment, discouraging presenteeism, particularly around sickness can be the ultimate challenge for leaders

This year I am supporting more teams to explore behaviour and gain self awareness to improve wellbeing in the workplace. If your organisation is going through a change programme or digital transformation, perhaps your teams needs a boost to thrive?

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Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby