4kgs in 9 days! Little focus. BIG accomplishments

by Marteka Swaby September 22, 2016


4kgs in 9 days! Little focus. BIG accomplishments

Big Accomplishments


For the last 5 years or even longer I have set myself goals around weight loss which year on year I fail to achieve. Since I can remember I have always been very interested in exercise and healthy eating and as a foodie exercise has been a key feature of my life, to help maintain my weight, so I can indulge in yummy treats.


You know when it is time to do something about it when your jeans are tight, you have no energy and feel constantly bloated. I have always worn a size 12-14 and I am proud of my shape, embracing my curves. However, just 2 years ago I quit smoking and my weight gradually creeped up.


This is not about being skinny for me. There is nothing wrong with being skinny either by the way. I think you should embrace your shape regardless. The issue for me was about how the excess weight I had gained made me feel. It was affecting my confidence and I was genuinely not feeling happy about the way I looked.


Finding focus

If like me you are or have been struggling to kick start your diet, then perhaps it is time for you to bring this area of your life under focus? Finally when I got on the scales I thought there is just no way. I need to do something about this and it brought this issue under focus.


Goal setting is not the most exciting task but it is amazing what you can achieve when you are focused. Finding focus is useful to help you to gain perspective and keep you on track. Don’t worry if you don’t know where to start. Sometimes the universe makes that decision for us and you find external pressures helping you to quickly gain focus. 


Focusing on your goals or dreams can bring huge accomplishments you never would believe are possible. My sister’s wedding was the stimulus to bring this area of my life under focus. The thought of looking back at her wedding pictures was enough to get me started.


9 days ago I started C9. The 9 day nutritional cleansing programme that consists of a combination of protein shakes, aloe vera juice and vitamins. However, I think in those 9 days more than my body got cleansed. I was finally taking action instead of constantly talking about it or moaning. 


4kgs in 9 days


My mind feels sharper and clearer and my spirit lighter. During this period of cleansing I have been so productive. The focus of C9 is to cleanse the body from toxins increasing energy levels and helping you to start your journey to a slimmer and healthier you.


Well more than my body was cleansed! My attention to detail heightened and through changing my daily eating habits I have also experienced increased levels of energy that have helped me to focus in other areas of my life too!


In reality losing weight is not the thing that has had the greatest impact. I have just realised how a little focus, in a very short time span can lead to BIG accomplishments. We were created for more and we all have a passion or purpose in life that brings us freedom!


My friends all things are possible and it is often our own doubt or lack of focus that prevents you from achieving such freedom. I challenge you all to take stock of your daily habits, your thought life and what you believe and if you need a kick start like me, get on a programme, get around people that will help you to focus.


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Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby