Born to Win- Acceleration not intimidation

by Marteka Swaby June 15, 2016

Born to Win- Acceleration not intimidation

Are you born to win?


Half way through the year already and I bet you are certainly not feeling like you are born to win! If like me you have started the season making promises or declarations you have perhaps struggled to keep, you are not alone. More than 1/3 of the population fail in their get fit, lose weight and eat healthy regimes within the first month of making such promises. It is no wonder we procrastinate and struggle to keep going.

Summer is approaching fast and contemplating the many things you set out to accomplish that have not even begun yet, or even got under way, feelings of disappointment and negative self talk kick in. Even if you have massively struggled this year with severe depression and rejection around things totally out of your control.

I want you to know those feelings of disappointment are actually a sign, that you are fast approaching a season of acceleration and not intimidation. You are born to win!


Do not be afraid

I have seen so many people this year that are worrying, wondering and doubting and being held back by FEAR. Instead of reaching for their dreams, goals and desires preoccupied about how things will ever possibly work out.

Things may not be going to plan and fear could be holding you back. It is time to wake up from this deceptive intimidation preventing you from moving forward. Your experiences are shaping and preparing you for this next season, not to intimidate you, but they are working out, just as they were meant to be.

The trials you have previously experienced, the setbacks, heartaches, turbulence in your job, business or personal relationships are all part of preparing you for this NEW season of acceleration, it may seem intimidating but this is simply not true, but merely a perception.

The light that had previously shone so brightly in you, the things that had excited you and made you happy, will no longer grow dim. We are moving into a season of acceleration, instead of fear it is time to get motivated, be ready and excited, anticipating good things. Instead of moaning and not looking forward to things, look ahead, be grateful, this is a season of acceleration and not intimidation.

3 ‘Must do’s to help you become born to win

  1. People The people you spend your time with influence your thoughts and feelings. Build a network of people who can encourage and inspire you. Some people get their energy from being alone and having time to think. If that is you, then make sure you schedule time in your day to be alone, to think and re-energise. If you are an extrovert like me you will get your energy from others, so try to hang out with people who energise you and inspire you, limiting your time with people who will take all your energy.


  1. Resistance If you have been in a difficult situation for some time and are going from one crisis to another, it is very difficult to gain perspective in this situation. Avoid making any life changing decisions at the moment. Resistance does not always equate to you doing something wrong or needing to change your direction. Sometimes this is a sign you are near breakthrough. If you are exhausted, on the verge of giving up and feeling intimidated. Don't Quit instead take a break, relax and recharge your batteries. It is much easier to think rationally when you are feeling calm and have time to think.


  1. Strategy You need to have a plan or focus before you hit the crisis. It is difficult to stay focused if you do not know where it is you are aiming to be. Your life strategy does not need to be a complicated or detailed roadmap, with step by step detailed activities for each day. But understand who you are as a person, preserving the things that you value. Take the necessary steps in the direction you want to go. This does not need to be huge leaps, but small steps each day. A vision will help you with direction to get where you need to be. Don’t stress over taking afew detours along the way, as long as you get back on track eventually and start the journey. The race is not for swift or strong but to those who endure to the end.

Be kind to yourself! Reduce your anxiety, increase your happiness and improve your relationships. If you are looking for answers to questions, or are trying to find some sense and require a touch or a heap of motivation then download my free e-book to take your first 3 steps towards positive thinking




Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby