Dealing With Panic Attacks in Under 5 Minutes

by Marteka Swaby June 23, 2016


Understanding Panic Attacks


Panic Attacks are an exaggeration of the body's normal response to fear, stress or excitement.


 A ‘fight or flight’ response is the body's alarm system, but without the dangerous situation. You could be shopping, on your way to work, driving the car or even at home relaxing and doing normal things that do not require you to run away, or take action to protect you from danger.


Then suddenly a panic attack, with no previous warning or explanation. The root causes are unknown but panic disorders are often linked to anxiety. The physiological causes are a response to fear or danger, but despite the myths, panic attacks are not dangerous.


The rapid build up of adrenaline can make you feel like your going to die or leave you feeling you are going mad, it is a terrifying experience. It leaves you in utter fear and confusion. These feelings lasting for around 10 minutes, and you may experience several panic attacks, one after the other, leaving you in fear of subsequent attacks.


According to the Royal College of Psychiatrists 1 in 10 of us experience panic attacks at some point. This overwhelming feeling accompanied by hot or cold flushes, rapid breathing, chest pains and sweating can leave you feeling powerless and out of control.


How to deal with Panic Attacks


The quickest and easiest way of dealing with panic attacks is to practice breathing techniques. This can be used immediately before, during and after a panic attack and it is a technique that works instantly.


If you are able to learn how to control your breathing by having something to focus on, then this will help you to feel more in control and you will deal with your panic attacks more positively and calmly.


There are many techniques available to help deal with panic attacks, but by following these 5 simple steps to relax, you can feel calmer in under 5 minutes, helping you to prevent panic attacks and putting you back in control. 


  1. You can do this anywhere but it will have a greater effect if you are in a quiet place with no disruptions. If you have a smart phone you could download some relaxing music to create a calming atmosphere, or download an app that talks you through breathing techniques.


  1. Close your eyes and place one hand on your belly the other on your chest. Let your shoulders and muscles in your body relax.


  1. Breathe deeply through your nose and exhale through your mouth. Your should feel your hand on your belly expand as you breath deeply into your diaphragm.


  1. Breathe slowly and deeply. Avoid chest breathing as this means you are breathing too quickly and too shallow. You should feel your breath going into your belly.


  1. Counting up to 10 on each in breathe and out breathe. Repeat this for the up to 5 minutes and try to practice this at least once a day.

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Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby