Feeling like a burden to the people you love?

by Marteka Swaby October 13, 2016

Feeling like a burden to the people you love?


 Having a hard time


If you are having a hard time living a normal life, struggling to get out of bed in the morning, crying for no apparent reason, dragging yourself around and feeling more worn down each day. Perhaps you are struggling with depression and you have been for some time?


Last year, 14.7 million adults in America reported having experienced an episode of depression for a period of at least a month. Depression is hard enough but when you are hit by grief, heartbreak, isolation or a devastating loss it can all feel too much.


If you are experiencing severe depression you may also be experiencing suicidal thoughts and your work, family or friends no longer seem enough to motivate you to carry on living. Suicide is currently the single biggest killer of men, aged under 45 in the UK and men are nearly four times more likely than women to take their own lives.


Most people don’t even understand how or why depression starts, unable to recognise the signs and symptoms until it is too late. This is when you may experience medication or therapy as unhelpful. Instead, self-medicating on cocaine or alcohol, getting drunk out of your mind just to get away from these feelings of hopelessness.


The days of the stiff upper lip are over


You are not responsible for the terrible hopelessness you feel. It is easy to feel like depression is all your fault and you are burdening your family or friends, especially those who do not understand depression. Perhaps your loved ones are also struggling to help you to deal with your depression and are unsure of the things to say to help you.


The days of the stiff upper lip are over. Now strong men no longer have to suffer in silence. Depression has nothing to do with weakness and asking for help is not weak. Navigating your way through depression daily requires a great deal of strength.  


If you are experiencing excessive fear or worry, trouble concentrating, feeling tense and jumpy, irritable, restless and anticipating the worst. It is time to share these feelings with someone you trust. If there is not a single person you trust, then maybe you should consider seeking help from a trusted professional.


Whatever the solution is don’t suffer alone in silence. Talk to someone today and start to make some important decisions to restore the balance at work, in your relationships or in your finances.


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Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby