Hope: New wine into new wineskins!

by Marteka Swaby July 13, 2016


Hope the antidote to fear


The last few weeks have been shocking for many across the world. After the referendum results, Britain announced they would exit Europe, then the horrific shootings of Philandro Castile and Alton Sterling by police in the US and tension rising with Russia as Putin issues a warning about being on the brink World War III.


The world gone mad at it’s finest, with little or no hope we have seen hate crimes increase by at least 40% leaving many people feeling disappointed and anxious about  changes to come. Depending on your walk in life or which culture you were born into, may determine how you explore your emotional views from within.


No matter your faith, your only hope of putting a stop to being pumped with fear, division and hopelessness matters more now than ever and perhaps it is time to increase your faith, through a recognised religion or something more new age.



Even a random act of kindness can quench fear and restore HOPE.

In our modern way of living, perhaps it is easier to stick to the old wine skins or certainties of life, governed by science and hard evidence, than it is to contemplate new wine or the unknown!


It is time to pour new wine into new wineskins by keeping hope alive. Hope is an effective life management tool, helpful and enlightening to better prepare you for what is really a strange business of living.


Faith, hope and love are unshakeable in the face of fear and if you want to change your mind then you must question your hopeless thoughts and refuse to listen to them or give in. When it is easy to quit it takes hope and courage to push through. 


Don’t get me wrong life will never be perfect even with plenty of hope and faith. Perhaps you believe that faith is just an emotional defence, protecting people from the harsh realities of life.


We are all human after all and real relationships consist of disappointments, setbacks and losses. It is when your cards are down having hope in something that is bigger than you can make all the difference. It is hope that will always expect the best and never the worst. 


4 ways to increase your hope


  1. You have to step out of the boat and take a risk. Stop living in fear! Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase. Your success is based on what you fix your eyes on. Fear of sinking or HOPE in walking to you success.


  1. When you have faith you don’t need to be afraid. You can embrace your trials and let HOPE be bigger than your fear. We learn and grow when things don’t go right. It is a temporary setback not a show stopper!


  1. Gain perspective, a long term mindset requires HOPE for the unseen. Change your thinking, a dream is not a wish if you are putting in the work to make it become a reality. It’s only a wish if you do nothing. Keep Moving!


  1. Never early, never late but always on time. Put your faith in God’s perfect timing. It takes a little patience and HOPE but it is always worth the wait.


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Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby