How to master doubt & disappointment and no longer feel discouraged

by Marteka Swaby October 20, 2016

How to deal with doubt & disappointment and no longer feel discouraged


Peace Thief


Anxiety is an unpleasant inner state we all seek to avoid. It is a feeling of fear, worry and unease. Anxiety is the body's natural response to danger, our fight and flight response to stress.


Have doubt and disappointment left you feeling discouraged and robbing you of your inner peace?


You are not alone. In the UK it is estimated that 1 in 6 adults have experienced some form of anxiety related problem in the last week and more than 1 in 10 adults have experienced a disabling anxiety disorder in their life.


There are so many things in our daily lives that have the potential to rob us of peace. Recently I have been examining my thoughts and I have been surprised that the root of many of my anxieties is our unhelpful friends doubt and disappointment robbing me of my peace and leaving me feeling discouraged.


Trusting your inner voice


This week I was travelling on a busy commuter train from London to Leeds. When I got to the station and saw the number of people on the platform I suddenly realised I had not booked a seat.


I was slightly distressed by this thought, as it is a 2 hour commute, I had a heap of work I needed to get done and the thought of standing up for the entire journey would have not been a great start to the day!


As I walked down the platform scanning the coaches looking for seats without tickets advertising the seat had been booked. I started to feel discouraged, as all the seats looked as if they had been pre-booked!


However, as I walked past a coach I experienced a still quiet voice in my heart say this one has spare seats. I did hear the prompting, but doubted myself and carried on walking. But, the prompting was there again, so I went back to that coach and sat down by the window.

As the carriage filled up I watched several people standing up, shuffling seats to move out of seats that were taken. Yet nobody came over to the seat I was in, despite it being pre-booked, it had not been taken.



Be Encouraged!


I believe we all have an inner voice directing us, showing us the way we should go. Whether you call it God, your subconscious mind, a sixth sense. However you want to view it, there is something prompting us, inside all of us.


Over the years I have allowed doubt to creep in, instead of tuning in to the still, quiet voice, the voice that whispers sit in that carriage! I have listened to the voices of doubt and disappointment speaking discouragement.


During the journey I pondered how often I had doubted myself and even though standing up for 2 hours would not have been life threating. I considered some of the more serious disappointments in my life and how I was often left feeling so discouraged.


Today I was reminded of the season we are in, a NEW season, a season of restoration. I believe the disappointments we have experienced are about to be turned around into a harvest.


I have decided to no longer doubt myself, my abilities, my decisions, my direction, but instead to expect an overflow as I follow that still quiet voice inside of me, the voice that makes the crooked paths straight and shows us the way to go.


I encourage you to no longer allow doubt and disappointment to steal your peace or rob you of your future hope. In this NEW season you must take a leap of faith and step into the harvest. Join me in expecting an overflow of such abundance. This new season has so much more than you could ever possibly imagine.


Increase your faith today don’t allow stress, anxiety or worry to take over but learn how to be anxious for nothing. If you would like to take your first 3 steps towards positive thinking then download my FREE ebook.

Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby