Mastering Your Inner Game, Not Like Trump!

by Marteka Swaby November 10, 2016

Mastering your inner game. Not like Trump!


Politics Finest!


There are so many things in our daily lives that have the potential to rob us of peace. Leaving Europe earlier this year and Donald Trump becoming the president of the United States are amongst some of our reasons for anxiety.


I think feelings of fear, worry and unease increased across the globe yesterday as the news that Donald Trump had won the elections was announced. Anxiety is the body's natural response to danger and our fight and flight response to stress kicked in yesterday all over Facebook.


Oh my! The American Brexit joke has became a reality! Politics at its finest! It has been a running joke for the past several months that Trump would be president and Britain would leave Europe.


But is it all really doom and gloom or could something good come from this? I believe what we have seen take place in government over the last few months marks a significant shift of focus for world leaders and politicians across the globe.


Trump has no experience in politics, but yet he ran for president and won! For me the most intriguing change is that a businessman has leveraged his skills in business to gain entry into politics at such scale. Regardless of your thoughts on him this is quite remarkable.


Changing the temperature


The idea a businessman like Trump (not the most handsome or intelligent) can run for president and actually win has raised my own expectation of what is possible to achieve if you shift your focus.


It has given me a completely different perspective on business and being a business owner. I mean for a start I am far better looking and way more intelligent than Trump!!! So what more am I capable of achieving if I raised my expectations just by 10%?


I certainly do not aspire to become like Donald Trump! However, with the world becoming increasingly unstable, having greater control over my income and time makes starting a business much more appealing.


Perhaps running a business is far from your mind and not something you have considered or even want to do? But businesses are the real creators of wealth in society. They control the thermostat for entire cities, states and communities.


This is not just about business my friends or my own selfish desires for financial freedom, but to impact the quality of life and standards of living in my geographical area and sphere of influence.


We must turn up the heat. Be the thermostat! Running a business is key to adjusting our ecosystems.



Born to Reign


Nothing about this current political situation is a coincidence. I believe Trump pursued his goal to be president. I imagine he spent months maybe even years preparing for this. It certainly was no accident!


We are all born to reign in different areas of life and have our own spheres of influence. We all have a unique skill, gift and message that we need to share with the world to influence those around us.


Trump crafted his inner game, focusing his energy and efforts to create the reality we can all see the results of now. So what is your inner game like? What are you telling yourself daily?


It is time raise your expectations about yourself and your capabilities. Sometimes our inner game is so negative, so self –defeating, rejection or shame based. I encourage you to let go of fear and rejection that is holding you back. It is time to reign on the inside!


Repetition creates consciousness and I want you to start practicing repeating daily how awesome you are, that you like yourself, you are talented and what you have to offer is what someone else really needs.


1% change in attitude attributes to 100% change in results.


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Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby