Shifting Paradigms & Getting Results

by Marteka Swaby November 24, 2016

Shifting Paradigms & Getting Results


Habit Forming Behaviour


If you have ever had an addiction whether it is to coffee and sugar, or with something more serious like drugs and alcohol. If you are unable to take the substance for whatever reason, your body quickly understands that something is missing.


No wonder we prefer to maintain the status quo rather than make plans to change. Most of our habits are so easily formed, yet to unlearn them can be such a complex and mammoth task, taking up so much of our effort and energy.


In psychotherapy and also as a management consultant clients often expect me to wave a magic wand that instantly resolves all of their problems with minimum input from themselves.


I can honestly tell you I have had very little success as a fairy godmother and certainly no training or experience in it either. Changing habits of a lifetime and even the culture of an organisation requires the shift of a paradigm, a conscious concentrated effort.


YES! Hardwork! An action that requires you to dig a little deeper.


Have you ever wondered about the repetitive destructive behaviour in addiction? Something inside must be driving us to keep repeating this habit despite the adverse health effects.


The over consumption of high fat sugary food causes us to feel tired, lethargic and become overweight, yet we still keep going? I mean even when somebody with an addiction dying from alcohol will still keep responding to the urge to keep on consuming.


Our habits produce the results that we see each day in our lives. The things that we think, do and say daily shapes our behaviour. To shift this paradigm we must dig a little deeper to understand the habits formed underneath these behaviours.


Have you ever stopped to think about your true beliefs, about what you really want or even need in your life? Our paradigms are formed at such a young age we often don’t even realise such a paradigm exists, or even that it may effect our results in life.


But we do understand when something is missing and even if we do not ever experience addiction we know intuitively something is missing just like with addiction.



Creative Imagination


I touched on the idea before that when we think something is too difficult or that it will take a considerable amount of effort to change we tend to avoid this and opt for maintaining the status quo.


However, to change your results you have to make a conscious effort to think differently. This forces a shift in your paradigm and is connected to your deep rooted or learned behaviours.


I believe our happiness, health and even wealth are shaped and influenced by the results of our inner world. Instead of following an internal picture painted by your parents, family members, teachers or other influential people in you life.


When you recognise the results in your life are no longer serving you perhaps it is time to question if your paradigm is actually serving you well and if it is a reflection of your true self?


To help shift your paradigm I think you have to reconnect with your creative imagination, where new ideas are formed and you can experience those light bulb moments where suddenly new facts are revealed.


When you make a conscious decision to shift your paradigm you will feel uncomfortable in this period, but challenge your status quo. It is normal to experience resistance.


In laymen’s terms to create change you must first have a vision. Instead of complaining about what you don’t have and being stuck in negative thought patterns, addicted to toxic repetitive behaviour.




Start to think about the things that you really want. Let these thoughts occupy your mind. Imagine yourself having these things. What would your life be like? What would you be doing?


You will be surprised by the power of your imagination, as your paradigm starts shifting doors will open in your life, you will start to meet new people and new opportunities will appear from nowhere.

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Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby