Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective!

by Marteka Swaby November 03, 2016

Sometimes it is just a matter of perspective


Unexpected Intrusions


I was starkly awoken by a very rude and unexpected intrusion of my privacy this week. It put the fear of God in me as I was frantically trying to work out if what was happening was a dream, a crazy person was trying to enter my house or this was a genuine mistake.


When you are feeling very agitated or emotions are heightened we can be left not quite knowing what to do next. In life sometimes those sudden unexpected interruptions whether positive or negative can throw us off course, leaving us in a heightened state of worry, panic and fear.


Not quite knowing how to resolve the situation I completely panicked, unable to make a decision about what to do. That morning a HM Courts & Tribunal officer had tried to force there way into my home, in search of a person I did not know and had never lived at my address in the 2 ½ years I have resided there. 



Reaction v’s Action


I pondered the logical options, yet my reaction to this intrusion expressed my agitation over the disturbance. It was later on when reflecting on the incidence, but still with some unpleasant feelings lingering I start to think about the potential consequences.


The person who had given my address what if they use it again? I considered my address being attached to the criminal justice system and perhaps they would come here periodically and the disturbance would occur again. I mean they even searched in my wardrobe!!! It was a total intrusion of my privacy.


The fact this was not a normal occurrence and the government official had a warrant. I was reassured at least a process had been followed. I then started to consider war torn countries or countries where freedom is compromised and how awful it would be not to have control over your own home.


The point is when bad or unexpected things happen our minds wonder. We imagine and create scenarios that may never even happen. I had spent my whole morning totally preoccupied with these fantasies that created even more problems. I now had a choice, for the rest of the day I could continue to react or take action.


Gaining Perspective


I needed to gain focus, to break this negative thinking pattern. It was dry and sunny outside which is a miracle for the weather at this time of year in the UK!! So, to change the scenery I took a break from working and went for a walk.


Fresh air and sun was the distraction I needed. I cut through the park, got to the top of the hill and suddenly I realised the panoramic view I had across London. I mean I have been to this park many times and I have also seen this view many times before, but there was something about this view today that screamed out to me Perspective, Perspective, Perspective!!


When I had been in my house I could not see this view, when I had been at the bottom of the hill before climbing up the path I could not see this view, but by walking just 15 minutes I suddenly had a completely different perspective!


I wonder how many of you reading this today need to gain perspective. If you have been battling with the same problems for ages or if something unexpected has occurred in life like it did for me that morning, perhaps you have been burdened and feeling like a victim?


Whatever the problem or issue, there is always an alternative perspective, there are always different ways to resolve a problem perhaps you have just not considered it yet or come across the right solution for you?


Often when looking for solutions or answers to problems we cant find them, other times it is obvious. Understanding the root of the problem helps us to gain perspective and solve difficult problems as opposed to covering over the cracks with temporary solutions.


I left the park that day resolute this problem would not take up any more of my headspace and I needed to let go of this distraction. I had taken the necessary practical steps that were in my control to prevent this happening again and I needed to get on with the rest of the day, not festering about the injustice and intrusion.


Sometimes we just need to draw a line underneath the problem and make a decision to let go and move on. This is not necessarily the way to deal with every problem, as I think some problems need a lot longer to work through and at times we need help from someone else to work through these problems.


My friends welcome to November, the month of champions. If stress, anxiety or worry have moved in and taken up residence in November locking you into your problems, it is time to gain perspective.


Let November be a month you move forward, not being held back by old problems or even new ones. May the solutions you need to overcome limitations, climb mountains, cross-valleys and rivers be released.


Discouragement, procrastination, doubt, fear, anxiety, worry will not stop you finding solutions and possessing your land! If you are able to gain perspective doors will be opened and you will see a shift in areas that have been stuck or blocked for sometime.


Instead of the your problems being something to dread, make a decision today to be anxious for nothing and gain perspective. Take your first 3 steps towards positive thinking and download my FREE ebook.

Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby