Stepping Out Of Suffering Into Strength & Resilience

by Marteka Swaby November 17, 2016

Stepping Out Of Suffering Into Strength & Resilience


Environment Dictates


Have you ever wondered why when you get around a certain group of people your attitude and behaviour automatically changes?


It is something that happens completely unconsciously with little or no thought whatsoever. This stuff is completely irrational!


Take for example football matches. The expression of emotion displayed at football matches is phenomenal. Grown men, who are usually composed and professional chanting or screaming abuse, even hardened men crying if their team lose.


Guys please don’t be offended this is just one example of how your environment dictates your behaviour. One of my favourite authors and speakers Simon Sinek talks about this in one of his Ted Talk’s on leadership.


No matter the type of person you whether it is a professional, business or personal relationship the environment you operate in will limit or accelerate your progression.


So if your environment dictates your performance how important is it for you to surround yourself with the right people?


Birds of a feather


If you are stepping out of suffering into strength and resilience this will take a conscious effort to make some changes. You must do something that creates a shift in your life or you will easily follow the crowd and the shift will dictate to you!


It is no surprise then if you are feeling down and have been stuck in a rut for sometime, hanging around the same people and doing the same things will not help you to make any positive changes.


There is an old saying that birds of a feather flock together! Meaning you attract the people most like you. If you act, talk and think in a certain way you will attract those kinds of people around you.


If you are struggling to define where it is you would like to be, then you will find it impossible to think about the kinds of people you need to be around.


Iron sharpens iron who have you got around you?


This is no joke. Building resilience is not something that happens overnight. If you have been suffering with anxiety, depression, addiction, low self esteem or any other debilitating emotional issue then this is a warning to examine your environment.


Let go of any negative or toxic friendships. Perhaps some of these toxic people are actually your family members. You can’t change your family but you can limit your time with them and create some boundaries around the time that you do spend with them.


Forget about fulfilling other peoples expectations this will not help you to thrive, especially if you are already suffering emotionally. Seriously, it is time for you to take control not allowing yourself to be bent or shaped by critical, negative and toxic environments.


3 Easy Ways To Building Your Resilience


  1. Do a quick temperature check of your environment. Anyone who is making you feel anxious, stressed or depressed limit your time with them. Anyone who is inspiring, positive and helps you build your confidence find more of!
  2. Always go for the stretch. Start to put yourself in challenging situations or in new areas where you feel uncomfortable. These situations will help you to rapidly grow as well as enable you to learn new things.
  3. Be forgiving! It sounds strange but having the ability to quickly get over offense will not only build your resilience it will also affect the temperature of your environment. Banish bitterness, anger and resentment and see the increase in your productivity, as you are able to focus, avoiding these distractions.


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Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby