With Vulnerability Comes Power

by Marteka Swaby September 08, 2016

With Vulnerability Comes Power


Giving others permission


For your whole entire life have you been taught both consciously and unconsciously that vulnerability is a weakness? From a small child I learned that expressing my true feelings was not acceptable and that some how weakness was shameful.


I always believed this was normal and that all families behaved like this, until I took a glimpse into other families and cultures. I started to gain an awareness that expressing vulnerability was not actually a weakness and people did this.


In fact we all experience vulnerability. All of us are vulnerable at some point in our lives and need other people to help us, counsel us or guide us. I started to realise that being independent and strong all the time was actually a weakness and that relying on others and allowing myself to experience dependence was actually helpful and at times enlightening.


In fact my own pain and tradegy enables me to have a greater depth of understanding and tolerance to other peoples pain and circumstances. Giving yourself permission to fail, to be weak and to express vulnerability is good. This actually empowers other people, it gives them permission to speak openly about their failures. 


Don’t get me wrong sometimes it is inappropriate to break down and share your deepest darkest secrets. I am a psychotherapist and I would never share with any of my patients my personal problems. After all this would be totally inappropriate and it is not what people expect to hear when they have come for help and support. Neither is it wise to divulge everything to everyone all the time.


How to be empowered?


In reality vulnerability can be used to manipulate other people and showing weakness in some circumstances can leave us feeling exposed or taken advantage of. Hence, we do need to exercise wisdom around these people and certain circumstances including close family members, who can often be the worse people to show our vulnerabilities to.


If you can discern the situation correctly and you are around a bunch of people who want to help you to succeed, who want to empower you and watch you grow then give yourself permission to be vulnerable and you will see yourself grow.


I believe September is a season of change. We are on the verge of breakthrough in health, business and relationships.Things that have been difficult for some time will suddenly start to shift. Areas that have been barren for sometime, areas we have battled deeply for years and struggled to see the light at the end of the tunnel will shift suddenly.


This autumn will be your season of suddenlies. Don’t be afraid to express your vulnerability in this season, with vulnerability comes power, so give yourself permission. Just as you suddenly see the green lush leaves from summer turn orange overnight, this season in your life is about to change. We are approaching a new season with new and exciting opportunities.


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Marteka Swaby
Marteka Swaby