About Me


For the last 15 years, Marteka has worked with passion and purpose to improve mental health for both leaders and organisations. Pioneering innovative service redesign particularly in public sector

She loves the challenge of transforming services to improve health outcomes, taking a very hands-approach to ensure solutions aren't just conceived, they are delivered, helping achieve tangible outcomes with greater impact 

Marteka is a benevolent leader, an expert in mental health with several years’ operational experience of effectively implementing transformational change with excellent project or programme management skills. She will come alongside any team and take a vision, idea or strategy turning it into reality


Marteka's pragmatic approach, passion and operational experience is demonstrated across a diverse portfolio including;

  • Vanguard & STP development. Working strategically across health populations to setup and design PMO functions that transform urgent and emergency care   
  • Mental health accelerator programme. Setup, implement, replicate and rollout a Children & Young People'Safer Spaces to build community resilience and divert from emergency care
  • New Models of Care. Redesign mental health pathways to shift flow from crisis toward early intervention services, at the right time and closer to home
  • Intoxication Scoping- Innovate existing emergency service pathways & develop a strategy to improve the quality of treatment for people with dual diagnosis 
  • Digital Technology- developing the adoption of digital healthcare solutions to improve quality of care to patients
  • Corporates - supporting workplace engagement strategy, with mental health expertise to develop & train managers to support employees to improve emotional wellbeing


    Marteka has up to date clinical knowledge and experience, as a practicing psychotherapist, working for the last 7 years in the UK’s largest Foundation Trust.

    She is the author of 'The First 3 Steps to Positive Thinking' providing instant access to leaders online at and in their workplace to help increase resilience.

    Marteka is passionate and committed to making a difference to individuals, leaders and organisations through public speaking, workshops and coaching or mentoring programmes.



    Marteka has a Masters in Psychodynamic Counselling & Psychotherapy from Birkbeck University, a world-class teaching institute of academic excellence and is a member of the BPS and BACP in counselling and coaching.

    She is now bringing her expertise in mental health across consulting, coaching and mentoring to help leaders achieve their goals, increase productivity across organisations.

    Marteka also writes regular blogs to provide encouragement and improve emotional wellbeing, building the resilience of individuals.

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