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The UK faces a significant wellbeing challenge in the workplace, resulting in the loss of productivity, increasing sickness absence or higher than average staff turnover;

  • Mental Health is one of the greatest causes of sickness absence
  • By 2020 depression will become the second largest cause of disability in the world
  • 800,000 people worldwide commit suicide each year
  • 94% of people who suffer with depression experience significant impairment to work function and productivity
  • 3 out of 10 employees will have a mental health issue in a given year
  • Only 11% of employees discuss mental health with their line manager due to fear of discrimination 
  • Stress, anxiety and depression are responsible for 15 million lost working days each year
  • The direct cost to businesses including loss of productivity is estimated at £77 billion


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Wellbeing at work

Raising awareness of emotional wellbeing and supporting managers to understand mental health is every organisations responsibility 

  • Is wellbeing a key area of growth or development across your business?
  • Are you planning to improve workplace engagement and are reviewing  your employee benefits or wellbeing initiatives?
  • Do you want to support your managers or leaders to build thriving teams and improve productivity or reduce sickness absence?

Our wellbeing experts will create thriving teams who will support the organisation  to build healthier, happier and more resilient employees 

    What we offer to teams or organisations?

    The average adult spends one third of their life at work. Hence, it makes sense to build the resilience of your teams.

    We can help nurture your teams, build resilience and boost innovation, increase self awareness, and creativity by;

    • Increasing the resilience of leaders to understand the early warning signs and symptoms of stress in the workplace
    • Improve employee resilience towards stress, anxiety and depression to increase productivity by reducing stress related sickness absence
    • To raise awareness of mental health to reduce stigma and discrimination 
    • To increase self awareness and understand when and how to signpost

    Tailored workshops, training and support to managers to create happier, healthier employees with FREE access to diagnostic and signposting to mental health support for all staff.

    Building awesome leaders with teams that thrive 


    Learn how to increase the emotional wellbeing of your organisation